The Kingston Free School

A NEW SPECIAL SCHOOL for Kingston and Richmond!

An application to open The Kingston Free School is being developed by the Brent Specialist Academy Trust (BSAT); led by Jayne Jardine (CEO, Lead Ofsted Inspector) and supported by members of the parent community in Kingston and Richmond. The new school is needed in Kingston upon Thames to meet the growing demand for special school places, and to improve provision for children with Autism. The school aims to open in early 2021 on a site on Moor Lane, Chessington, for 90 children from Reception to Year 13.

Our Trust will propose that The Kingston Free School (TKFS) will be an inclusive school for children who have Autism and additional special needs. Specialist teaching will provide a personalised education programme for every pupil with some classes providing teaching programmes based upon the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behaviour (VB).

Children at TKFS will benefit from a highly personalised experience that effectively prepares them for adult life. All children will be stretched and challenged within a highly positive, reinforcing, aspirational, safe, and happy school environment. Our specialist approach, coupled with our high expectations and effective partnerships with parents, will result in children who have a range of emotional and learning needs making rapid progress.

What would BSAT provide?

  • An outstanding track record of providing the very best education, therapy, and support for pupils with Autism and other special needs
  • The offer of a highly personalised education for every child to ensure the best outcomes
  • An opportunity for children to access and benefit from ABA/VB teaching methodology in their home borough(s) to support the development of effective, functional communication, social skills, and independence
  • The ability for children and their families to access our highly experienced and qualified teachers, therapists, family support networks, and behaviour specialists to ensure learning is effective both at school and at home
  • Effective programmes to support pupils transitioning into adulthood; including accessing the world of work, and developing self-help and independence skills

We want to hear your experiences and views!